Bah! Star Wars is everywhere!!!

So as I'm sure you are all aware, Star Wars is back with a new film (Episode VII) coming December 18th, 2015.  So of course Star Wars is on EVERYTHING. Smartphone games, jewelry, food, toys, apparel... *sigh* tone it down people, it's not even out yet and my excitement is over and now I just find the prospect of a new Star Wars film to be unpleasant at best because we have many more to come after this one which means we will see Star Wars on everything for the next decade or two. 

Lego:Millennium Falcon

So last Sunday (July 13th, 2014) I had a nice lunch date for a second date with a pretty cool girl. We had lunch for about an hour then decided to go browse Lego products at toy store down the road. They had several themes buy-1-get-1 40% off so I picked up 180$ of Star Wars sets and she picked up 60$ or so worth of various sets, the bulk of my purchase was the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965. I had a really bad headache that afternoon and evening so it took me about 4 hours to get through the #1 and #2 bags (6 sets of bags total, 2 books). I worked on it throughout the week and just finished it a few minutes ago. Do note, I do not do the stickers! I have never been able to get the stickers to go on even remotely the way they were meant to so I just leave them in the box.


Today in Space

Planet found with double suns (just like in Star Wars)

Awesome, further proof George Lucas knows more than he's letting on... because Saturn's Moon Iaepetus is the deathstar. First the Iaepetus/Deathstar photo, then on with Kepler-16b.

(go read about Iapetus over at Enterprise Mission)

Star Wars fans will appreciate this bit of news from NASA: The double sunset observed by Luke Skywalker on the fictional planet Tatooine is a reality on a planet about 200 light years away from Earth.

The planet, called Kepler-16b, is cold and gaseous — in other words, Luke isn’t there. But it orbits two stars, making it the first circumbinary planet ever officially confirmed by astronomers.

Read more about this Star Wars-like planet HERE


Senate saves the James Webb Space Telescope

Yay! I can't wait till this thing gets finished and launched, it's going to give us lots of awesome stuff!

The 2012 fiscal year appropriation bill, marked up today by the Senate, allows for continued funding of the James Webb Space Telescope and support up to a launch in 2018! Yes, it looks like this bird is going to fly.

Read more about it HERE


Soyuz lands safely in Kazakhstan, rattles nerves

Hopefully this gives some confidence back to the use of the Russian equipment.

A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three returning astronauts from the International Space Station touched down safely Friday in the central steppes of Kazakhstan, but not without rattling nerves after a breakdown in communications.

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How single stars lost their companions

Not all stars are loners. In our home galaxy, the Milky Way, about half of all stars have a companion and travel through space in a binary system. But explaining why some stars are in double or even triple systems while others are single has been something of a mystery. Now a team of astronomers from Bonn University and the Max-Planck-Institute for Radio astronomy (also in Bonn) think they have the answer – different stellar birth environments decide whether a star holds on to its companion. The scientists publish their results in a paper in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Read more about it HERE


NASA Mars research helps find buried water on Earth

A NASA-led team has used radar sounding technology developed to explore the subsurface of Mars to create high-resolution maps of freshwater aquifers buried deep beneath an Earth desert, in the first use of airborne sounding radar for aquifer mapping.

Read more about it HERE

AT&T to throttle data speeds for 'unlimited' hogs

Alright, so AT&T is now throttling those of us with grandfathered unlimited plans on our phones... and it's not just rumor, I started experiencing this 2 weeks ago and it's been consistant since, once I start using data in the morning my speeds quickly drop to a fraction of what people around me are getting. However, they claim they aren't going to do it till October 1st, then why AT&T am I feeling it now!

AT&T Inc. said Friday that it's going to start limiting speeds for the 5 percent of its customers with "unlimited" data smartphone plans who clog the airwaves the most.

The measure will take effect Oct. 1, AT&T said, and is intended to alleviate congestion on the network.

T-Mobile USA already throttles users who go over certain limits for data consumption.

AT&T stopped signing up new customers for "unlimited" plans last year. Instead, it now lets heavy users pay extra when they go over a certain data allotment.

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Actually Kind of Limited Data Plan of the Day
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