Obama, Congress and minimum wage

Well Obama just raised federal contractor salary and Congress has a bill to raise minimum wage period to 10.10, if that happens I'll go from making double minimum wage to making 1.4x minimum wage in a skilled job, effectively neutering my income and requiring me to get a second job to keep the same purchasing power.

When you raise the minimum wage, you don't help anyone, you only screw people that make more than minimum wage. Raise minimum wage and the cost of EVERYTHING goes up. Want to give people more money? Lower taxes.

It has taken me over seven and a half years to get my salary from around 11$ an hour to a little over 14$ an hour, when I started minimum wage was less than 6$, now they want it to be 10.10... I have busted my butt in a job for seven and a half years and now they want every underachiever that says "do you want fries with that" to make almost as much as me. Insanity, this will just generate more tax revenue and drive the cost of goods up (which will also drive sales tax revenue up). Who wins if this minimum wage increase goes through? Oh that's right, the government.