G2 Research RIP ammo

Do NOT buy G2 Research RIP ammo, having this in your carry weaponsystem automatically makes it MALICIOUS INTENT meaning you lose in court if you have to defend yourself.

For carry rounds: must be factory ammunition, must not be reloads, ideally you want something multiple police departments carry, you want something that is a big brand not some niche-company. Mags: you don't want your carry mags to be stamped LE USE ONLY or LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY. Trigger, you want the factory trigger with ABSOLUTELY NO ADJUSTMENTS made that means no smoothing of the action outside of use. You don't want grim repaer grips, you don't want any vengefeul sayings/symbols/bible verses. All of these things show malicious intent. Your self-defense firearm just became a weapon, you are probably going to prison if you defend yourself and will also be sued and lose for wrongful death/wrongful injury if they survive. Even in cases where the DA doesn't press charges for self-defense, you still almost ALWAYS get sued in civil court and usually lose.

They also claim it will go through nearly any material, including heavy winter clothing... yet they don't shoot a single piece of clothing. They shoot a windshield, not in a car (this automatically makes the windshield considerably more fragile), they don't shoot a winter work coat because they know it's going to almost certainly stop it from penetrating, a water balloon is not a person, it appears to miss some of the ballistic gel (meaning it falls apart before hitting anything) etc.