Columbia, Maryland shopping mall shooting

Earlier today at least one suspect began firing shots in a Columbia, Maryland shoping mall. At this time at least 3 are confirmed dead. Not to cheapen the deaths of the victims but I suspect this mall was a 'gun free zone'. Gun free zones DO NOT WORK, clearly. The media and anti-gun movement are going to try and use this to further support stripping the right to bear arms from sane and upright citizens.


First, I urge everyone to go to before believing any anti-firearm propaganda.

Second, I'd like to recommend the following books to both firearm owners and those that may have questions or concerns about firearms. Please I urge you to educate yourself before joining the anti-gun movement.


And if this makes you want to start carrying to protect yourself and your family, I urge you to seek proper training in your area as well as reading the book  Gun Laws By State - Reciprocity and Gun Laws Quick Reference Guide - 2014 Edition