Dave Asprey the Bulletproof Exec

So some time ago I was attacked in posts. Then last week I had one of my comments (in a thread where someone was ripping apart a blogger that had a poor view on bulletproof coffee making a list of observations like 'find current popular thing, write blog post about thing, make money off ad revenue' to which I replied something like 'claim normal coffee is full of poison, sell magical mycotoxin free cofee beans, make money selling magical mycotoxin free coffee beans' and the using the report abuse freature fan boys began clicking it causing me to be unable to post. I sent an email via the contact form and within an hour or so my viewing and posting priveledges were reinstated.


Yesterday morning someone commented in a year old thread where someone had posted about how they were unhappy with certain changes on the forum, a few more posts occured from fanboys in this thread, the thread was quickly closed by moderators "sorry I dropped the ball on this one". I had comments in this thread mentioning Dave Asprey's elitist attitude always rubbing it in peoples face that he earns a lot of money, his wife earns lots of money, he charges CEO clients lots of money to go on retreats with him etc and then turns around and sells expensive products most people can't afford. I mentioned I thought it would be better if he kept in mind the vast majority of people couldn't afford such things. NOTE that reply of mine was posted when the thread was a day or two old, A YEAR AGO. About a half hour after a moderator closed the thread I couldn't view anything agian like last week, so I again created a ticket. Didn't hear a word for about 30 hours, then this email comes in...


So, I disagree with one of "Almighty god Dave Asprey" a YEAR ago and get banned yesterday. Seriously dude, get over yourself. You aren't always right, people are allowed to disagree with you. I was quite polite and proper in my reply, the reply was also a year ago. Oh, and did I mention one of your moderators called me a 'retard' and 'whiny' when I was personally attacked on the forum by multiple members earlier this year? Really man, get some help or if you really have no clue what's going on via your own forum... look into it.