Sev Zero on the Amazon Fire TV

So as you know I bought the Amazon Fire TV when it first came out (had it day of launch), but this past Sunday I finally bought the Amazon Fire Game Controller and played the game that comes free with it Sev Zero, mind you the newest console I've used is the Wii, before that the most recent being the Gamecube... it's pretty fun, I wish the Amazon Fire TV controller was a little longer as my pinkies hang off completely and my ring fingers a bit, but I've large hands. Wasted 3 hours of my life on that damn Sev Zero game, tower based defense game where you teleport around mopping up what aliens get by as a 3rd person shooter. Fun stuff! Need to throw the controller away though as I see this as a gateway game that might swiftly lead to a modern console.

I'll probably pick up Sev Zero: Air Support in a week or two and check it out too.