Electric Humans, EMI, SLIders

May 11th's coast to coast, electric humans... (first hour) http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2014/05/11

William Beaty was the guest, his site is at http://amasci.com/

So when I drive by street lamps they frequently turn off, kill battery powered watches, cause frequent static shocks to people I touch... turns out I'm not alone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_light_interference_phenomenon

My reports are false, self-noticed, a former co-worker would usually be behind me on the way to work and would see the lights going out as I came close and would comment on it. Funny thing is, when lights go out near me I usually touch the center of my forehead and say 'you honor me'. Interesting.

I don't have issues working on/with computers (I've been an electronics hobbyist since I was about 5) or using smartphones etc.

I do have issues with ATM's, self-checkout registers, self-service ticket purchasing kiosks, faucet sensors, the motion sensors at work that unlock the doors when exiting, incandescent and CFL lightbulbs in close proximity to me for extend periods have far shorter lifespans (weeks not months), etc.

I regularly shock myself getting in vehicles, I regularly shock people when I go to shake their hand or come in close contact, I had a pinbal machine in highschool I could generate painful large blue sparks between me and the metal on the front of the machine but my friends could not reproduce the same effect, I usually generate sparks in mechanical switches...


One incident that really sticks out in my mind was about 9 years ago, I'd come home from work feeling asolutely awful. I got in bed around 7am and started watching Murphy Brown on a tube television that was only a year or so old. I'm running a fever drifting in and out and dream that a bright white light flooded my room initiating ont he wall the tv was on, I wake up and have a drink of water and start watching tv again, before I've been a wake a full minute the tube in my tv decompresses (classic crack sound with the hiss of the vacuum filling) and a bright white flash goes across the screen.