Bulletproof Diet and Mental Clarity

I've been doing the Bulletproof Diet for 5 days now. I have not had my normal 'brain crash' or 'brain fog' creep in around 2pm each day, which has been the norm for the vast majority of days of my life (despite even things like nootropics). I contribute this entirely to the MCT oil, a tbsp in the morning and a tbsp an hour or two before bed. Time perception has been sped up too, both at work and home... again I contribute this entirely to the MCT oil. Oh, and if any of my readers have 1500$ to spare and want to be generous, buy me a Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plate!


Food observation: Boiled hamburger DISGUSTING

Food observation: Soft-boiled egg DECENT



I failed to mention my start weight in my first post. So, my PRE-BP START WEIGHT WAS 262.8 LBS. I'll update randomly as I continue to post updates.