Alibi Jones: Vacation (The Adventures of Alibi Jones)

Alibi Jones: VacationAlibi Jones: Vacation by Mike Luoma
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first discovered Mike's writing with the Vatican Assassin books way before Charlie Sheen tried to claim HE was the Vatican Assassin. I immediately fell in love with the books and have been telling everyone I know about them ever since. After that series he continued on with Alibi Jones, another great read (or listen).

After Alibi Jones there was a void, I didn't have anything from Mike to read or hear. Enter this short. A great little spacer short to compliment his full-length spacer novels. I can't say much about this novel without including spoilers so I'll just say if you want a great (and cheap) spacer novel/taste of Mike's work go ahead and give this a read, you'll love it! Once you are satisfied with this purchase, go and check out his other books!

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