'Hacktivist' Jester Claims Responsibility for WikiLeaks Attack

This guy reminds me of J.C. Hutchins character Killroy from the 7th son novels (which are great by the way, check them out on http://www.podiobooks.com or at http://jchutchins.net/and you can follow J.C. Hutchins on twitter  @jchutchins

The 'hacktiviest' is on twitter @th335t3jr and at his/her/their blog at http://th3j35t3r.wordpress.com/ and if you happen to see this Jester... keep it up, you are a hero.


What goes around comes around: Someone is hacking the hacktivist. And it may be none other than the hacktivist himself.

A self-described patriotic hacktivist known as “The Jester” — who has garnered a reputation for taking down jihadist websites and is believed by those familiar with his work to be responsible for taking WikiLeaks offline during its recent dump of State Department cables — is claiming to be the victim himself of an online impostor trying to cash in on his name.

But that's hardly all there is to the story. See the rest HERE