Camera in Skull Is 'Uncomfortable For Sure,' NYU Professor Says

This is awesome, but at the same time a bit silly, a bit absurd, and sounds just rather annoying and/or painful.


Implanting a camera in the back of his head as part of an art project may have granted a New York University (NYU) photography professor, Wafaa Bilal, a certain notoriety in the last several weeks, but it has robbed him of something else: dinner-party invitations, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Concerned about the intrusion of his head-camera, which is rigged to broadcast online a live stream of images snapped automatically at one-minute intervals, some of Bilal's acquaintances have removed him from their guest lists, he said in his first interview about the project.

But he is not offended: "If people don't accept it, then I don't want the invitation," Bilal said. "It's part of me, and that's the idea." See the rest HERE