WikiLeaks’ Internal E-Mails Revealed: Show Intent To Bring Down The U.S. Government And Possible Connections to George Soros

I'm really getting tired of hearing about wiki leaks, for one they didn't do anything wrong... they simply published something someone else gave them. The crime was stealing it and giving it to them, not them publishing it. Second, instead of shitting a brick and wanting to attack wiki leaks, the government should learn from this lesson and change the way they handle secrets. Millions of people had access to SIPRnet and the majority, if not all, of the computers had usb ports you could hook removable storage up to!



"Today is the day that WikiLeaks is going to get a taste of its own medicine. Thanks to an early participant in WikiLeaks‘ operations dating back to 2006 and the beginning of 2007, who became so disgruntled with its leader’s outsized ego, lies and deceitful methods that he quit, we have a treasure trove of internal Wikileaks e-mails. I am including a portion of them here (with typos and all). The image above was WikiLeak’s original design for its logo, presumably to show a mole in action.

Mr. John Young, the disenchanted ex-WikiLeaker who runs his own website and has posted these e-mails, removed the names of the authors and addressees on most of them. However, there is little doubt in my mind, judging from their tone and context, that the main voice of Wikileaks coming through in these e-mails is most likely none other than its founder Julian Assange, who is now being hunted by Interpol under a warrant for sex crimes that he allegedly committed in Sweden."

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