Starbucks Causing More Traffic Accidents Than Cell Phonesous? Does religion play a role? Is it all just a

Hell for that matter, I bet McDonalds, or even children, cause more accidents than cell phones!


"There’s been a push of late to ban cell phone use, be it texting or talking, in vehicles. States and communities all over the nation have either passed bans or are considering them despite statistics that show a steady decline in traffic accidents and traffic fatalities despite the rise in cell phone use. Oprah has gotten into the mix with a high profile campaign against cell phone use in cars, and Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has called for national legislation banning the use of cell phones in cars.

But according to the NHTSA, the vast majority of traffic accidents in America are caused by a different sort of distraction in the car: Eating and drinking while driving:" See the rest HERE