You can't win!

Ok this bothers me becuase this 'war on drugs' crap is just that... crap. The government can't end drug trafficking and use, when we are protecting the opium fields in Afghanistan, when we are arming, financing, and selling drugs in Central and South America, and the simple fact that people want to escape and are going to find a way to get and do drugs. Period.


"When a young mother is killed trying to protect her 2-year-old son from stray bullets, then it is easy to understand why some of us are calling for the National Guard to help curb the violence.

So far, police haven’t said what motivated two armed men to storm into a barbershop in Sacramento, CA with guns blazing. The gunmen injured six people and killed Monique Nelson, as she tried to strap her son into a car seat and escape the violence.

But I’m willing to bet that drugs or gangs or both were involved.

This is the kind of tragedy that makes James Gierach’s blood boil. For decades, Gierach has been on a crusade to end the nation’s failed drug war. " see the rest HERE