School district screws Christmas

This just really pisses me off. Just... blah, it's Christmas not hanuroharakwayulemas... it isn't Hannukah , Rohatsu, Ramadan, Kwanza, and Yule, it's CHRISTMAS! If you want to display such items at said holiday than do so but decorating trees has been stolen by Christianity in recent times and claimed as their own, just let them have it and do your own thing! I'm all for believing in whatever religion you want, and celebrating it accordingly, but seriously... don't be stupid and say 'well if the Christians get a Christmas Tree then I want a Scientology tree for my kid' what next 'well in my religion we believe in marrying child brides, so I'm coming to the holiday convocation to shop for a bride' or 'well in my religion we believe in branding our sneakers and offing ourselves to join a ufo hiding behind a comet, so shut up and give me your shoes and drink this fucking juice!'


"Ashland public schools can display a decorated pine tree if it is surrounded by symbols from other religious holidays, but they should not display a Christmas tree alone, in order to remain religiously neutral, Superintendent Juli Di Chiro told the School Board Monday.

District officials have implemented new holiday guidelines this year, after a controversy erupted at Bellview Elementary School last December over Principal Michelle Zundel's removal of a holiday tree, because a family complained that it was a religious symbol. After dozens of parents and students protested the decision, Zundel replaced the tree, adding other winter decorations and allowing students to decorate the tree with symbols from their own religions." See the rest HERE