Screwed By The Network make a to do

This is well written and 100% accurate. Go checki it out. I've seen good show after good show die this way.


"Starting now on Channel Four is a brand new show that we paid a ridiculous amount of money for which we'll launch in a blaze of publicity, and after a few weeks we'll get bored of it and move it around the schedule where no-one can find it, then we'll brand it a flop, take it off the air for six months, then reluctantly put it back on at three in the morning."
Dead Ringers, explaining this Trope in action.

The prototypical network executive's time revolves not around nurturing talent for the benefit of all, but around making himself look competent. That means appearing responsible for every success and innocent of every failing that the network might have, irrespective of whether this was actually the case. Note that the people that the executive is really trying to convince are his fellow Execs that are, to a man, also having the exact same neurotic crisis day in and day out. Nevertheless, the need to keep their channels populated with new shows means that their commissioning bodies will keep putting forward all kinds of shows that may or may not appeal to the network executives' sensibilities." See the rest HERE