My letter to AMC suggestiong they purchase Caprica

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My letter to AMC suggesting they purchase Caprica.

"As I'm sure your company should know, SyFy networks has canceled Caprica. There are many many fans that were saddened by this and we are preparing to order 1400-3500$ worth of apples to send to SyFy, similar to the campaign with peanuts to save Jericho a few seasons back on a similar network. A core group of us fans have realized that Caprica has the similar themes and is of the same quality of shows on your network, such as Mad Men. We ask you to pass the suggestion to purchase the rights to, and create more episode of, Caprica on up the line in your company. We are very dedicated fans that not only tune in religiously to watch our program but also buy the show on DVD as well as on iTunes when it is made available for sale. We feel that your company would benefit by purchasing the rights to this show and producing more episodes by gaining an already strong fan-base and likely considerably adding to the viewers with the existing demographic that tunes in to your network's programs. Thank you for your time, and keep making quality programming."

Sent to

To contact AMC to suggest the same please see the above email address, you may also contact them at AMC Viewer Services
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho, New York 11753


Their official contact website is HERE


UPDATE, we are also writing Space!

For programming questions or comments, email

299 Queen Street West
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Their contact info is HERE