Google Instant goes mobile

How about... Google Instant goes away! Within minutes of this going live for pc's I saw it and immediately disabled it. I find it quite annoying, does anyone else?


"A beta version of Google Instant is now available on many U.S. iPhone and Android mobile devices.

According to the Google Blog, the Instant search option is presently on Android 2.2 devices, as well as iPhones and iPods running on iOS 4. As of right now, Google Instant is only available in English, although Google (Google) plans on adding more languages and bringing the service to other countries and devices.

In order to test out Instant's latest incarnation, one must tap the "turn on" link beneath the search box while visiting on a mobile device. Users are advised to wait for a bit and refresh the page if the "turn on" option isn't immediately visible." See the rest HERE