FCC warns of looming mobile spectrum crunch

Everytime I turn around, they are freaking out about the spectrum for tv, radio, phones, etc. Maybe in a world where there is little of the spectrum left for use... people will start making better products, and instead of toting around 2-3 devices that are eating up singals (and ip's but don't get me started on that, that's an entirely different gripe of mine) people will start carring 1 and then perhaps we will also see content providers become more efficient when it comes to the size of their data instead of making things bigger and bulkier when it comes to file size.


"Can wireless carriers' mobile broadband networks keep pace with the fast-growing demand for mobile data? Maybe not. The Federal Communication Commission predicts a "looming spectrum crunch" in a recently published paper, Mobile Broadband: The Benefits of Additional Spectrum.

According to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, "The explosive growth in mobile communications is outpacing our ability to keep up. If we don't act to update our spectrum policies for the 21st century, we're going to run into a wall -- a spectrum crunch -- that will stifle American innovation and economic growth and cost us the opportunity to lead the world in mobile communications."" See the rest HERE.