YouTube Drops Radical Cleric Awlaki's Videos

"Popular video-sharing site YouTube has removed videos featuring calls to holy war by an Al Qaeda-linked Muslim cleric after pressure from British and U.S. officials.

YouTube spokeswoman Victoria Grand said the videos by Anwar al-Awlaki violated the site's guidelines prohibiting "incitement to commit violent acts," The New York Times reported Wednesday. 

American and British officials had been pressuring the Google-owned company to take down the videos, fearing that Awlaki's Internet preaching would radicalize Muslims."  See the rest HERE


You know, this really bugs me. I get that YouTube is a business and Google has the right to do what they want with it, what pisses me off though is that "American and British officials have been pressuring the Google-owned company to take down the videos". It's called free speech... sure the guy might not be a U.S. citizen or even in the U.S. but our founding fathers decided we as human beings, not Americans, had certain unalieable rights. Anwar al-Awlaki is a human being and has the right to those. It's not the government's business (I speak only for the U.S. Government, the Brits can do what they want) to dictate what videos can and can't go on YouTube (If you are ever in the U.K. try to find YouTube videos of firearms, you won't... their government won't allow it). This is blatant censorship and oppression. Period.