Online dating and real life

"Online dating is like reading the National Enquirer in a dentist's office, performing in community theater or watching six consecutive hours of "Antiques Roadshow": Tons of people have done it, but no one wants to talk about it.

People do it furtively, with sheepishness showing even on their profiles.("My most humbling experience: Trying online dating, of course.")" See the rest HERE


I don't see why people get so embarassed. It's no secret I've been a user of online-dating for 7 years and change now. When we live in a world where you see youre friends more on facebook or myspace, then what's so shameful about meeting your date online... I mean, you have no issue meeting them in some dark, smokey, seedy bar so what's the problem of meeting them online?

We've come along way since video-dating, and village matchmakers so if you are single and looking... get out there and check out online dating. Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed. If you have an internet presence and are single & looking you really need to give online dating a try. Of course, it's not a miracle service as yours truly is still single after 7 years of looking... but maybe you'll have a better time at it.