My choice is final now. I was thinking about not joining the army... because I was hoping I'd get something going for me other than that... like a relationship. Well that hasn't happened and won't. So I am deffinately enlisting. I'll put in 20 years... retire... and hopefully have a few good friends to spend my lonely hours with. The army is going to be my new family and life. Its all I really have anyway. It would make my dad proud... I hope everyone enjoys their next how every many years of high school. I hope you all find happiness and love. Laura... I hope you find yourself again and get back into life like you used to be. I hope everyone has good lifes and lives happily. I hope everyone gets what they want in life. I hope you all support me... some of you don't want to see me go into the army... some of you think its stupid and what not. Think that then. All I have to say is you guys have people in your lives. You have love and will. All I have is the army... thats all I'll ever have... and thats only because it accepts anyone.