I wish..

I wish they would tell me something about my baby... they haven't told me shit... and I just called... and gave them the claim number... and the insurance said they'd get some body to come look at the car... this weekend... UM HELLO YOU FUCKING TOWED THE CAR YESTERDAY YOU DUMB FUCKS!! So we tell them this and they are like oh ok... so we call the place that towed it and they can't tell us anything cause they are with a claims adjuster... And they said its probably totalled... because the hood is fucked up they said and stuff... Um sorry no... there wasn't a damn thing wrong with the hood... but if you want to total her go ahead... just gimme what I paid for it... It's gonna suck... they are gonna try to give me 1600$ prolly cause thats blue book... when I paid 2000$ for it and did 1000$ worth of work to it... and they better let me take my fucking radio out since it was one of my ONLY christmas presents... I'm not gonna sign the car over to the fuckers till I get my radio out... even if I have to go take it off their property at night.