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I'm about the happiest person alive right now. I just talked to nikki. She just earned telephone privelages there at the place. She gets 10 minutes a day. So her first call was to me... and she said she is gonna use all the 10 minutes on me every day. She also said her and some dude keep freak dancin and grindin each other all the time. This upsets me. I think she just said it to bother me. I dunno that left me feelig empty inside. I got to talk to her today though. She's been clean for 3 days to cause of being in there. That is good. That is very good. Hopefully they let her out soon and I can keep her clean. IF not oh well. As long as the let her out soon and I can go see her. Well I'm gonna go lie down. Thats all I feel like doing... thats how happy I am.