My Amazon Fire TV Review

This is my review of the Amazon Fire TV

Wow, I love this thing. Having used a few generations of Roku, 2 Apple TV's and other solutions... I was always left wanting. When I'd first heard rumors of Amazon doing a set top box I got excited, when I saw it was available for sale it took me all of 3 seconds to go "yup I'm going to order and pay for local delivery"

Optical Audio
Voice search (which works better than Siri on my iPhone) instead of a painful searching with the remote
Allows for gaming (I most likely won't use but still neat)
4x the RAM of competitors
Faster processor

Major Cons:
I wish the remote would have a lion battery, if using voice search often I can see it draining AAA's fast.

Minor Cons:
No HDMI cable, I don't get why manufacturers want us to buy them seperate, slap one in the box and markup the price the cost of the cable.

While I've only played with it for an hour or so, my first impressions are it's well worth the price. It's snappy, I actually have a reliable way to watch prime videos on my television now (which means I'll actually watch them, I've watched 1 episode of Red Dwarf on my kindle fire and an episode or two of stuff on my iPhone... in 3 years of being a prime member). As far as looks, I love that it's black (all of my home theater stuff is) and the finish is nice (doesn't reflect the LED from my tv's name badge or the power LED on my subwoofer).

And the thing I'm most happy about, I can now be a cord cutter! Some of my shows I watch I can get over the hair with an HD antenna, the rest are all available either for purchase or for Amazon Instant Prime streaming!