LEGO 71013 Minifigure Series 16

Well, these originalyl weren't supposed to be released until September, however looks like for one reason or another LEGO has started shipping these to stores. They first appeared in the wild about six days ago for sale. My LEGO 71013 Minifigure Series 16 is now complete! Allow me to introduce you to them: Babysitter with Baby Boy, Scalawag Pirate, Female Cyborg, Ice Queen, Penguin Guy, Banana Guy, Arabian Knight Archer, Serenader, Imp (Boy in Devil Costume), Spy, Hiker, Rogue, Wildlife Photographer, Dog Show Judge, Female Kickboxer and Spooky Boy


LEGO 71013 Minifigure Series 16

71012-0: LEGO Minifigures - The Disney Series

Another great start to a weekend, completed my Disney LEGO MInifigure series!

LEGO 71011 Minifigure Series 15

Now THAT is how you start a weekend off right, with all of Lego 71011 Minifigure Series 15. Say hi to the Farmer, Wrestling Champion, Janitor, Flying Warrior, Jewel Thief, Shark Suit, Kendo Fighter, Tribal Woman, Laser Mech, Ballerina, Animal Catcher, Faun, The Queen, Frightening Knight, Clumsy Guy and Astronaut!

Yes, I do have the grappling hook for Jewel Thief, I just forgot to put it in her gun. Yes, I also know the balelrina's torso is on backwards. *shrugs*.