CrossFit and ExOfficio Men's GiveNGo Boxer Brief

So Friday I gave the ExOfficio Men's GiveNGo Boxer Briefs a go... I liked the way they fit a bit better than the Adidas Men's Sport Performance Flex 360 Boxer's but I liked the Adidas fabric a little bit better. Either way they are both quite comfortable for CrossFit and weren't constricting like my normal hanes boxers (and didn't rip).

Aside from that Friday the WOD was:

5 Rounds
Every 2 Minutes Complete
200m Run
AMRAP SA DB Snatch (55/35)
Rest 1 Minute

Score = total reps of DB Snatch

Well, the coach (and I silently) decided I just wasn't up to that yet (hell, the warmup of 5 rounds of: 5 Ring Rows and 1 min hollow rock was enough to leave me miserable) so I just burnt my quads and arms up furiously pedalling, pushing and pulling while everyone else did the WOD... did a few miles and was out of commission for a good 20 minutes after that. It was brutal but I gave it all I could. One day at a time, gotta keep building my heart and lungs up while I drop weight so I can start scaling the WOD every time. I love the folks over at CrossFit 317 I really couldn't do it without the coaches and members motvation.