2012 DA14, one reason we have to get off this rock

As many of you know, ever since I was little I've trumpeted the fact we need to get off Earth. Not everyone, but we need to start spreading out, colonizing other bodies. Well 2012 DA14 is one of the reasons why we need to.


2012 DA14 is going to come within 10k miles of the planet, it is estimated around 60 to 100 meters in diameter and if it hit... it would have the power 1000 times greater than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. Striking the ocean it could generate massive tsunamis, hitting land it could destroy a small city. This one is SMALL compared to what is lurking out there.


The official name of this flying rock is "asteroid 2012 DA14."  It is supposed to reach us by next February (2013).

At the moment DA14 is expected to just barely skim by the earth closer, even, that some of our satellites hanging in geosynchronous orbit above us right now

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