Extinction: Star Force, Book 2 by B.V. Larson

Extinction: Star Force Series #2

Earth's Star Force Marines invade an alien world!

In the second book of the Star Force series, Kyle Riggs has another bad year. The Nano ships have a new mission--one that sentences their pilots to death. Meanwhile, the governments of Earth want to steal Star Force's Nano technology for their own. Worst of all, Earth has made a promise to the Macros, and the machines are coming to collect.

EXTINCTION is the story of Earth's entry into an interstellar war between living creatures and machines. To buy the peace, we've signed up with the machines.... EXTINCTION is an 111,000 word novel of science fiction by bestselling author B. V. Larson.

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The universe just doesn't like Kyle Riggs, turns out the Nano's have determined a new mission, unfortunately it means death to their command personnel and to further make it worse the governments of Earth are turning against Star Force trying to steal their Nano-derived technologies for their own control. Riggs find's his Star Force marines abandoned by the original Nano ships that invaded earth as well as indentured mercenaries to the Macro force. The first book primes you for the technology this second book sets up the rest of the series and is yet another excellent read.