Lego: DeLorean

So my latest build is Lego's Back to the Future DeLorean. You first build it as the 80's version, then you can convert it tot he 2015 version by deconstructing it a little and using the remaining parts, I'm leaving it as the 80's version for now (as it stores back in the box assembled and I just don't have the space for it sitting out right now... I bought 440 POUNDS of Lego bricks so space is limited right now, I'll post about those once they all arrive). 


Also, remember when Doc pours the beer into the Mr. Fusion, well a few years ago I did some math to figure out how many jigawatts were in that beer after reading that electric DeLoreans were going to be made from largely original parts go check the post out if you haven't!

9,271.66665 jigawatts Marty (1.21 gigawatts Marty)

So you know for years now that company in Texas has been making DeLorean DMC-12's with OEM parts from the original DMC-12's on a per-order basis... in 2013 they'll be doing the same but as an electric model. 1.21 jigawatt MARTY!

See the article about the electric DeLorean HERE

So I did some math... if someone makes a Mr. Fusion... and you use one can of beer... the potential energy...


E=MC^2 so… we assume 371.38g of beer (I took the weight of 12 fluid ounces of water and did some guestimation since beer isn't pure water)

3.3378e+16 joules

2.4618e+16 foot-pounds

7.9775e+3 kilotons of TNT

7.9775 megatons of TNT

3.16362398 x 10^13 BTU


9.27166665 × 10^9 kwh or 7.97753345 × 10^12 kilocalories


Which is 9,271,666,650 kwh where the U.S. used an estimated 3.741 trillion kWh in 2009. So .002% of the U.S. energy consumption for 2009. Now... that's 1.243350979e+10 horsepower hours.

It’s also 9,271.66665 jigawatts Marty

UPDATE July 29th, 2016

So I was thinking about what such a device as the Mr. Fusion would mean as far as power for space travel... 

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket carries 395,700kg of fuel (119,100 Kilograms of Rocket Propellant 1 and 276,600kg of Liquid Oxygen). Let us assume that a Mr. Fusion operated at 13% efficiency (roughly what commercial solar panels operate at currently), this would give us the equivalent energy of 1.1050e+6 megatons of TNT which is 1,284,255.55 jigawatts Marty!

So mass equivalent to the weight of fuel in a a Falcon 9 would provide 1,284,255.55 terawatt hours of energy for our spacecraft at 13% efficiency. The ENTIRE PLANET used an estimated continuous average of 12.3 terawatts in 2013 (as in 12.3 terawatts being drawn every second of every day during the year) meaning a bit shy of 12 years worth of electricity for the planet, remember that's with 13% efficiency on that Mr. Fusion.



In the above chart, not my math, a 1g constant acceleration would get a ship to Proxima Centauri in less than 10 years ROUNDTRIP (for whoever, or whatever was on the ship, relativity and all). Now that you have essentially unlimited electrical power you'd just need some sort of propulsion system to use it!