Asked the moderators of /r/lego to talk to someone about excessive cursing (they dropped the f-bomb and referred to an individual as a retard several times in sevarel replies), one of the moderator's decision... talk down to me by showing their wonderful skill as a grammar Nazi. Great community over there!


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to /r/lego/ sent 22 hours ago

You may want to talk to xamthe3rd based on his/her replies in this thread http://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/2bpoi3/lego_annie_leonheart/ nearly every third word is 'fuck' with at least one 'retard' as well.

[–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 21 hours ago

I've reviewed your request, and have decided to not act.

We're no kindergarten cops, and only step in when needed according to our discretion.

I believe you'll be fine, as you've not complained about the physical violence threat, just the fuck and retard words. Besides, you made inflammatory statements, so I'm sure you were conscious of the possiblity of such repercussions.

And xamthe3rd just needs a hot shower, and take a brake from all that research into anime.

Hope you continue to enjoy /r/lego.

Bright Regards


[–] to key95 sent 14 hours ago

I could care less about what he said to me, I just think in Lego (a family friendly building set) he shouldn't be firing off "fuck fuck fucking retard fuck mother fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck"

[–] to key95 sent 14 hours ago

But I mean I guess

"Foul language, while not banned, is discouraged. Please follow redditquette." stands for nothing. I didn't say ban him, I said talk to him in regards to YOUR rule.

[–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 2 hours ago

I could care less about...

I couldn't care less about... FTFY

Besides, exaggerating a bit aren't we? There are about 4 fucks, and one fucking, two retarded, no mother fuck. But your forgot the

Now you're just being an asshole.

Your reason for complaining:

family friendly

This is reddit.com, home of /r/spacedicks, I'm sure our users can handle a few swearwords.

[–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 2 hours ago

"Discouraged" != "forbidden", that formulation was on purpose, exactly for these kind of cases.

Sometimes people feel the need to express themselves using foul language. In this case you provoked a user by consciously pissing on something that is dear to them, and others as the votes show.

Yes, OUR rules, at our DISCRETION.

Thanks for participating here on /r/lego. Please feel free if you run into a situation you feel violates our rules. We will try and react promptly, though probably not always to your liking.

Bright Regards




And by the way. I COULD care less.