7 non-Masonic books every Mason should read (and everyone else too)


The basic message here is to pay yourself first, solid financial practices will set you up to better tackle life’s financial challenges from surviving unexpected expenses to carrying less stress knowing you are preparing for your financial future.


You can apply the lessons in this book to any situation, not just war. It stresses to know yourself, know your enemy and only waste energy when it’s all but certain you’ll win your ‘battle’.


Relationships matter, this title will equip you to build better personal and business relationships.


At the turn of the 20th Century J.D. Rockefeller was the richest man alive and commanded the massive monopoly that was Standard Oil Company. While he sometimes gets a bad rap Rockefeller was a MASSIVE philanthropist. Rockefeller spent the last few decades of his life funding efforts that revolutionized medicine, education and scientific research. There are many great lessons to take from his life.


Here you find a series of personal writings, a diary, of Marcus Aurelius. It tackles his personal thoughts and ideas on Stoic philosophy. You’ll learn to analyze your judgement o fself and others and to develop a cosmic perspective. For Masons this will certainly equip you to be a beter man and Brother.


This text will teach you things such as self-reliance, generosity, brevity, to actually stop to enjoy life, it will stress loyalty and encourage you to be an example of how you want others to be.


Written by the CEO of Zappos this book is great even to those that are neither business owners or managers. It touches on concepts such as balancing profits/passion/purpose, building a long-term enduring brand (this can be applied to one’s personal life), how happiness can lead to increased productivity (apply this to your Lodge and personal life), how to deliver a custom experience that makes happier customers (can be applied to candidates and the newly raised Masons).