I will be running for President in 2020 and 2024

I'd like to officially announce my intentions to run for President of these United States both in 2020 and 2024. While I'll not turn 35 until spring of 2020 I'll use 2020 to begin to expose the country to what I will do for them, in 2024 I will ideally win the election and become the President of the United States of America. I will not care about re-election and will focus on getting things done, not securing votes for 2028. Lobbyists and other interests will not pursuade me with promises of favors or money when I'm out of office. I'll do my best to make our country great again.

An example of something that could be done right now: I heard on the wireless yesterday that we are going to take another 10,000 Syrian refugees this year… here’s a idea, a really good one. Put them all up in Detroit. Seize abandoned apartments and houses and give them 6 months free in them. Pour a few million dollars into re-opening some groceries, barbers, nail salons, fast food places etc up there. Give them all a 500$ a month stipend for 6 months. Spend 30 million on stipends and 10 million on re-opening businesses. Give the manager positions to current Detroit residents and then fill the rest of the positions with the refugee adults. 40 million spent, thousands of jobs created in Detroit and abandoned buildings populated with a healthy boost to Detroit's economy.