A bisexual Christian Jew Muslim?! Who knew!

So, some more adventures in dating... I saw this girl and her profile screamed "message me for fun Ryan!". After finding this girl on facebook I'll say her profile is 100% real and she is in fact just a very very very very confused and/or disturbed girl. This is absolutely not a troll account.


I am a very religious person and attend multiple services on the weekend. Despite the looks I am not a muslim. Although, I’ve considered becoming one. I attend a Catholic church, a Messianic Jewish church, and a Eastern Orthodox church.”

She then quotes scripture as a justification for her head covering, turns out she just has a fetish for head coverings and is using religion to justify it. 

"Orientation: Bisexual"

Well that goes against all THREE of your religions.

"Religion: Christianity"

Nuh uh! You're a Christian Jew Muslim!

I honestly believe that Allah/God guides me and right now all I know is that I have this desire to dig deep into MIddle Eastern/Slavic religion. I want to work in the Middle East or Russia so I want to choose a religion where I can express my views on head covering

Chick, look, you don't choose a religion because you want to wear a scarf on your head. You choose a religion because it's what you BELIEVE. Oh you poor poor child. 

UPDATE 10/14/2106

It's been a year now and I've consistently seen her on every site/app I've used the past year. This morning I found her on Tinder for example, here she is with her mother


I think I've found some books that would be a good starting point for her...