My 'interview' with Jackie Perez: Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside

A revealing interview with Jackie Perez... 

Note, my replies in this post to Jackie Perez were typed via my iPhone in my quote blocks on this page I have corrected the autocorrect errors however you can see the autocorrect fails in the photos.


So the big names of CrossFit seem to ONLY post photos on their instagram accounts of themselves and their buddies where they are all superbly in shape (and generally in as little clothing as possible)... so today I kinda snapped and said something about it on one of Jackie Perez's posts.

Jackie Perez of CrossFit ugly on the inside 1.png
I find it funny that your photos never contain a single person even remotely overweight... man glad my box has ‘real’ people.

To which she replied

@ryanmercer yes we have real people at our gym and this is my comp team I train with who obviously aren’t overweight. We have all shapes and sizes at our gym but I don’t train with them since I’m on the team. That was a stupid comment

And seeing that she didn't get the point (giving her the benefit of the doubt anyway) replied

Not stupid at all, never seen anyone in this feed that isn’t some chiseled statue. Whether intentional or not that helps promote the idea you have to look like a deity to be involved in crossfit
Yes guess what, all these people didn’t start chiseled, we have been doing it for years and our bodies have changed. I’m pretty sure everyone knows you don’t have to look like this to do Crossfit but you will probably end up looking like this if you stick to it

Well ok so see here I have a problem. Fact is, the type of people she posts (herself included) have insane diets that can easily be classified as eating disorders... I'm talking the weighing of everything they eat with strict portion control and macro/micro nutrient planning as well as supplements supplements supplements (which most of them are paid sponsors for), spending several hours a day in the gym 5-7 days a week (not doing anything remotely resembling the Workout of the Day you'll see at most boxes).. so no Jackie, I'm sorry but you will probably NOT end up looking like that if 'you stick with it'. I continue the dialogue with her...

All I’m saying is you conveniently are never showing pictures of “real people”. Sorry the truth hurts you so much. All you top tier folks seem to care about is showing off bodies most people can’t realistically achieve due to life. How about showing some folks at your gym that aren’t elite specimens of humanity from time to time, that is if you even acknowledge their existence

You see, she still isn't getting the point here... she's very popular, drop her name at a CrossFit box/gym and most people will immediately know who she is (and probably like her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram). She then goes on to say...

Jackie Perez Instagram 4
@ryanmercer wow that was stupid and since it’s my page I’ll show whatever the hell I want. I don’t have to explain to you why I post what I post. Yes I highlight members from time to time but since I work from home now I’m only there to train. Worry about yourself please and to say I don’t acknowledge their existence is just ridiculous. Top tier folks? I’m no top tier athlete number one, anyone can realistically achieve this body what are you talking about? Get lost please and don’t look at my page if you don’t like what I post.

Ok so here she starts to really show her narcissistic tendencies (which you can clearly see by the photos/videos she generally posts multiple times a day on her social media accounts)... and continues to fail to see the point. Hello lady, you are a spotlight in the community and you have all these followers... how about you help motivate people... despite your delusional belief some women look at you and think "damn I can never look like that" and some men see the fellows you post and go "yup, I'm going to need roids to look like that!" because face it... real people MIGHT have an hour a day 3-5 times a week to go do the WOD ad their box, which is absolutely-positively-beyond-any-shadow-of-a-doubt never going to get them looking anything like that... you said it yourself, you are on a team and train independent of the WOD classes!!! Also, she's a top tier athlete in CrossFit, let's look at her profile on the CrossFit gym she works at "Jackie is a fantastic CrossFit Coach and a fierce Competitor having competed in the 2010 and 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, both years she advanced to Regionals where she finished in the Top 20." Yes, she may see top tier as being in the top 3 or 5 or 10 overall but lets face it folks PLACING IN THE TOP 20 IN REGIONALS IS SAYING SOMETHING. So I reply to her again...

Stupid? You have 122k followers. What’s stupid is not inspiring others. Instead you stroke your ego and that of others that are “top-tier”, and yes you’d easily be in the top 5-10% of female athletes doing stuff like CrossFit/grid making you top-tier. Damn you are just completely out of touch with reality but I thank you very much for showing this to your followers, might surprise some of them. Best of luck in life with that attitude.

I mean, this chick just doesn't get it! So at this point I screen cap some of what she's said and share it on my Instagram account...

Jackie Perez Instagram 3
Jackie Perez Instagram 2
Jackie Perez Instagram


Within minutes she's not only liked it, BUT REPLIED!

Haha ha you’re so sad. Does this make you feel better about yourself? Lol come on dude. Get it together. Don’t you have better things to do than talk shit to someone you don’t know.
Ha ha ha why you angry bro? Lol

Well Jackie, I may not know you and as far as "Don't you have better things to do than talk shit to someone" well I wasn't talking shit... I was trying to give you a little advice on how to be a better person. Why not use your very fortunate position in the spotlight to be a positive influence, to not just show off but to inspire? I mean, is CSA CrossFit in business to HELP people or to just for the coaches to show off the bodies they've achieved from something OTHER than CrossFit (you admitted yourself you don't do the WODs with the classes, you train with a special team after all). 

You know... some people just have bad days and maybe you are tonight and hey if that's the case please reach out to me at any of the contact methods in this site's footer (via an official social media account or CSA CrossFit's email) and I'll be more than happy to update this post. Let's have a civil conversation, questions and answers and some friendly discussion. Instagram wasn't the best place for either of us to express our ideas and opinions with one another, maybe we both misunderstood each other. I'm more than happy to set aside some time to better discuss our views and rethink my opinion of you.

EDIT: Jackie decided to take up my offer to reach out for a follow up to this 'interview'... this is all she had to say

Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy 4

EDIT 2: So now the gym joins in too. Damn, you'd think these people had lives or something... I mean, if what I said in my replies to her on instagram and in this blog post were so wrong logic would suggest they wouldn't be getting so bent out of shape and actually lashing out at me. *shakes head*



Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy 3
Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy 2
Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy
Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy bad customer service 2

Now if one were to review Combat Sports Academy or Jackie Perez and any service either of them offer... hell I wouldn't even mention the quality of training they provided... I'd get hung up on the fact that they are wholly unprofessional, rude and just downright (and viciously) nasty when someone doesn't worship them. I can't imagine paying Combat Sports Academy for CrossFit classes or Jackie Perez for anything she teaches/leads/programs or even allowing her to endorse products I own if I were a company. Seriously folks, you can do a much better job at expressing your views and defending your positions.

EDIT 3: "Combat Sports Academy, where nobody knows your name" I mean... how could they with 800+ members!

Jackie Perez Combat Sports Academy bad customer service

Jackie, might I recommend a book...