Counterfeit junk silver.

So lately it's been brought to my attention there are a lot of counterfeit precious metal coins/rounds/bars floating around out there...

The coin on the right is counterfeit and was presumably manufactured in China. It eels right buuutttt the dead give away is the ping when you drop it, also the shield dots are too close together and you can see the mechanical wear on it. Whatever they used left stripes not unlike tree rings as well as an odd discoloration spot that makes the eagle look like he's passing gas.

Scary. Think it's time to stop buying junk and older bullion (online anyway) and only buy current year government minted from big name dealers (online anyway). You can hop on to several sites selling goods from China and order this crap all day long... junk silver, slabbed coins and rounds, ASE, Maples, big name mint rounds and bars etc.

I plan to cut or drill into it this weekend to see exactly what's in it, just trying to figure out which method will give me the cleanest look at the innards.