CrossFit, my observations after 1-week.

I started CrossFit last week at CrossFit 317. After the initial week I have a few observations.


I like it. I like it a lot as I just can't work out alone and my training partner moved to California a long time ago. With CrossFit I have a group of people cheering me on, pushing me to not give up (but not do more than I can truly handle). Just being around other people doing the same workout gets me pushing myself on my own, then when I start to lag and give up they start encouraging me on and I push on and do a lot more than I thought I could.

I hate AstroTurf. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Haha, during the first 2 weeks we are in the back room to learn proper movements and what not before actually starting out in the main area of the box. The floor is covered with AstroTurf in the back room. Burpees on AstroTurf is worse than a fish swimming up your urethra and deploying barbs to live, not that I've experienced the latter but I'm sure it's a fair comparison...

I actually look forward to going. All weekend I've been thinking "man I can't wait for class Monday after work!", while I’m hands down the worst person in the class (and certainly in the box, even some silver-haired people putting me to shame) I look forward to going, I want to be there, I want to be challenged. I hate being last, hell I hate being anything but the best. Sure, I'm around 300lbs and I can only do a fraction of what even the other people in my class can do but I'll get there, I'll pass some of them soon once my lungs and heart can adapt and keep up with the new workload. I'll get faster, better stronger, by God gentleman I will be rebuilt to be the $150 a month man!