CrossFit tonight... Ryan sad.

Well, tonight was a disaster for me. The WOD was hand-stand push-ups, pistols, pull-ups. Even scaling I never even made it to pull-ups via rings. I had to do hand-stand push-ups from my knees, at 307lbs even those were very difficult... 5 done in 45 seconds or so. At 307lbs I was doing pistols via a band, went down onto it... not enough resistance "hello floor, butt calling"... so I admit defeat and walk to the coach, he gets a box... box is too low, I can't do it... we stand the box on one end ok I only have to get down 3 inches. In the allotted time for the WOD I managed to do ONE to the box without falling on my other leg or falling onto the box. ONE... even then my shins were screaming at me (and are absurdly tender to the touch now in a 2 inch diameter area... seriously, I've been kicked in the shins without shin-guards in soccer and they weren't this tender). My hands never even touched a ring for a pull up tonight.

Frustrating and humiliating (I don't care what others thought, if I was the only one in the room I still would have been humiliated) don't begin to describe how I felt. I know, I know it'll get easier... I'll lose weight and strengthen/add muscle... that doesn't change the fact I let myself get this heavy and this out of shape. Yeah, the stuff is hard but even SCALED I can barely do it. It's just pathetic. I'll keep going back, not only will I do them scaled but I will do them unassisted but that doesn't change the fact I'm frustrated, sad and just downright disappointed in myself. Tonight was very humbling, but I can't dwell on my failure only look forward to my success in the future.

Now, on to underwear... I wore the Adidas Men's Sport Performance Flex 360 Boxer's tonight and while at first they felt odd and were uncomfortable (I've NEVER won boxer briefs) by the time I drove to the box they actually were feeling great. I wish there was a bit more extra fabric in the crotch but aside from that I'm very very satisfied with them, they survived tonight. Friday I'll give the ExOfficio Men's GiveNGo Boxer Brief a shot as I bought them too. Try out a pair if you are unsatisfied with your current underwear for CrossFit or any other athletic activity.