CrossFit day 4 recap

Day 4 of CrossFit I got paired up with two of the women in my class Monday, everyone else was in groups of 4. We are done with power cleans and doing our burpees... the 2 girls did all the burpees except the last five... lungs still on fire from my 25 power cleans to the point of being in considerable physical pain my chest (I had pneumonia a handful of times as a kid) and about a dozen people (inducing 2 coaches) are standing around cheering me on to do the last 5 lousy burpess... which involved me falling to 2 knees and staying there for several seconds before falling face first into the AstroTurf for another 3-10 seconds with my face buried in it before pushing myself up for a few seconds, back to the knees for a few seconds, into a crouch for a few seconds, wobbly stand up, shuffle to the bar and jump over it to wobbly stand for another 30-40 seconds before repeating haha. I was thinking... why don't you all suck an egg (I was thinking far more profane things) and die. If it wasn't for the community I wouldn't have done a single damn one heh.

I then just sat there for about 15 minutes, half my class sticking around to see if I'd live... hell one of the girls even comes over with her water bottle and offers it to me "nah I'm fine, just trying to get breath back" although it probably sounded more like "nah hahahaha bre hahaha goo hehhhh ehhhhh ehhhh hehhh", the coaches kept popping back into the room and checking on me. Finally I stand up and shuffle to the door and you see relief on half the class as the expressions on their faces resemble "good, he's not gonna die we can leave" and sit in my car for another 15 minutes just enjoying the beauty of a comfy seat, 2 more classmates just sit there in their car making sure I'm going to be ok, one of the coaches pops out a few times and tries to check on me without being obvious and finally I'm like 'Shazbot, I better go so they can get on with stuff' heh.

I love those folks at CrossFit317, the members and the staff!