What bothers me about most time travel

You know what bothers me about time travel in nearly all fiction… the Earth is rotating on it’s axis at roughly 1k miles per hour (at the equator, slower up here north of the equator), the Earth is moving 66,000 miles per hour through the solar system, the sun is moving about 43,000 miles per hour (relative to the local standard of rest) around the galaxy, the galaxy is moving roughly 483,000 miles per hour through the universe… 


Let's look at a common theory of ghosts for a second "perhaps it's bleeding through from another time" ok... so for something to bleed through for another time… it would be appearing into some random patch of space an absurd distance away from the physical location on Earth it is bleeding through from.  It’s why Wells’ time machine, Doc Brown’s etc just don’t work. If you went one second into the past or future you’d be 164.72 miles or so away from where you were a second before… in space. 


That's just a single second folks... this is why you need something complicated like the TARDIS that travels through time AND space. That's why you can't just walk into the TARDIS and push a button to get somewhere and somewhen. It's a process, a very complicated one... even with the TARDIS doing a lot of the work, it's still a complex maneuver on part of the pilot.