Tested my Atari 1050's and Atari 850 floppy drives

atari 810 1050 floppy drives.jpg

So today I finally got around to testing my Atari floppy drives I've picked up lately. The bottom 810 and the middle 1050 I picked up via Goodwill locations, the top 1050 I actually bought on eBay along with another 800xl (4 now and they all run like champs!!!) and an Atari 1027 printer (printhead is rotted, obviously) all in their original boxes with original cables and manuals. Sadly the top 1050 doesn't work, I get boot errors and there was quite a bit of what appeared to be rubber dust on the floppy after I took it out so I'll take it apart probably early next year once things slow down and see what I can do to get her back to life.

atari 1027 printer.jpg

Hey, 2 out of 3 of them work and that's honestly more than I could have hoped for. I was sure the 810 would be DoA as it originally belonged to a high school and presumably saw a lot of use, but man it works like a champ still! Mind you, I don't need these floppy drives to work as I have an SIO2PC and an Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Interface but it's just nice to have the functional drives, I also picked up 50 new-ish floppies (less than a decade old) from a manufacturer that handles legacy support for the U.S. Government (that's right tax payers, somewhere someone in the government is still using computers that need floppy disks haha).