Bought a 2013 Chevy TARDIS

So about a month ago my (dad's) truck died it's last death. I was helping a friend's mom move, parked, and she never came out of park again... well she did but only to go into EVERY gear.

I looked and looked and looked for affordable used cars in good shape. Anything under 10k$ had 100-150k miles minimum. Forget that, I found this 2013 Chevy Impala at a great price. It's a lot better on gas, even has a bigger engine than the truck and is amazing. I have only one complaint about it, well ok 2. First complaint, the parking break gets in the way both entering and exiting the vehicle, it gets in the way of your left foot both getting in and out due to how far it sticks out, I still find myself catching it every now and then after a few weeks. My second complaint, the rev limiter cuts you off at 112mph. Hypothetically.