Get tons of YouTube views!

How to get thousands of YouTube videos a day, the easy way.

This is a plain and simple, painless series of methods on how to generate a steady stream of YouTube views, likes, subscriptions and comments to the videos of your choosing. The methods are ranked in order of ease.


Go to THIS WEBPAGE and sign up.

After you sign up you will click on "EARN FREE CREDITS" It looks like this



You will then find yourself at the folllowing screen.



I personally recommended downloading and running the Vagex Viewer program, this is a standalone program that will open an IE window in the background and view videos, you may use the FireFox viewer however I prefer the standalone viewer. 

When you first install the viewer it will have you log in with your log in credentials, you are then presented with the following screen.


Once this is open you will automatically start viewing videos, I suggest letting this run 24/7 with your speakers off, or on a virtual machine. I prefer running it on a virtual machine, it will constantly update it's list from the server and view videos earning you credits, it will show credits earned in the top right corner, going to settings you can clear the credits earned at anytime to restart the counter.


Once you have some credits return to your browser and go to the Member Area of THIS WEBSITE and you will see a screen similar to this one.


Go to the bottom and click the arrow to the left of "Add new video"


Fill out and check the appropriate sections then click Add, your video is now in rotation for views. When you need more views added, simply return to the Members Area and on the Account Credit line, click allocate and you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to add more credits to your video(s). It's that simple! You can earn thousands of views a day from just this site.



Again this is the link to generate thousands of YouTube videos!