After The Crash by Stuart Jaffe

After The CrashAfter The Crash by Stuart Jaffe
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First, this story aside, I want to see more in this universe pre-crash with either the main character or just other humans. The character herself reminds me a wee bit of Heinlein's Friday pre-crash and post-crash Heinlein's Job. The universe itself looked pretty good from what you briefly see pre-crash and looks very intriguing and I'd absolutely love more content to be written from it. So Mr. Jaffe, get to it!

The book itself had me flashing back to... a computer game called Albion (a game in which the year is 2230, the gigantic, interstellar space ship Toronto emerges from hyperspace at the edge of a distant planetary system. The ship's owners, the multinational DDT corporation, believe that there are rich deposits of raw materials on one of the planets in the system, and the Toronto is to mine the whole planet's resources at once. The player is cast in the role of Tom Driscoll, the pilot of the exploration shuttle sent to verify the status of the planet. His shuttle malfunctions, forcing him to make a crash landing. Tom discovers that the data that described the planet as a desert world was false. Albion is a world teeming with life, secrets, surprises, and magic. It is up to him to alert the crew of the Toronto to the true situation to save Albion and its inhabitants.) that came out in 1995, Rockbiters from the Never Ending Story series and the classical too good to be true offer.

Without elaborating past the description of the book provided by the author/publisher I don't want to touch on specifics too much. This book really appealed to me because while reading it I kept flashing back to hours spent playing Albion. While it's not the greatest science-fiction story ever written it's definitely worth a read. If the description and my review appeal to you definitely check it out.

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