Multiverse, time and deal with it!

You know it really bothers me that the multiverse exists. No seriously, I hate being one instance of myself here when there are far better ones elsewhere (in theory and likely for certain) in existence. Someday I’ll find a way to reach through to them intentionally, through the mind, to communicate with my other selves and try and learn from their experiences as well as share what I’ve learned to them too. Better yet perhaps I could figure out to do a multiverse-Vulcan-mind-meld with one or more of them and drastically improve all of our lives by sharing all of our knowledge, transferring skills and experiences so that we could effectively have had multiple lifetimes up to that point in our age being able to operate on each other’s knowledge to better our lives respectively. Maybe I’m crazy to think this is even possible but hey who needs sanity in an insane world?

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately too. We all know time doesn’t exist and that it’s just a concept we’ve created as a state of mind, a mental concept, that we can’t even give a good description to. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately and tinkering with my perception of it… speeding up and slowing down my reality with varying levels of success. Sometimes I wish I could just push fast forward like on the movie click and blur by work and the bulk of my home life… then there are precious moments, spying a pulchritudinous woman, having conversation with someone that creates a roaring fire in my mind, beautiful and fleeting flashes in the world that I wish I could draw out to near eternity. There is no physical interaction with the concept we have as ‘time’ with existence so why can we not master it and manipulate it to serve us.  *sigh* If any billionaires, or even well off millionaires, want to support me and allow me to stop working so that I might be able to pursue such things and explore the possibilities I’d really appreciate it.

In other news I know I promised to start posting more frequently using speech to text to augment my ability to pump out content… I haven’t. I also haven’t done a This Week in Space in quite some time and I apologize but I just haven’t felt like it. Deal with it, you don’t pay for this… I do haha.