Who th3j35t3r really is

Here it is. Let's focus first, whom are my enemy, why do they persist in engaging me? Where lies their skillset? As promised I will tell you 'who' I am.

I am a relatively normal guy.

I seek no fame, as claimed by my detractors who fail at every hurdle, to out me. In their own desperate attempts at 'fame'. I know I am nothing, but they think somehow by exposing 'me' or in point of fact anyone... they can gain credibility within whatever fucked up group  they decide at that moment they ally towards?

How can I seek fame, when I walk everyday, down the sidewalk, nobody, not a soul, has any idea what I do, or where I do it?

But I still walk among you, free.

I said I would tell u who I am. I will....

I am 'J', and if you are bad on the intertubez, I will come for you. Ask around.

Bad things to bad people.


By way of auth I also tweeted this.

stay frosty.

That's by his own hand. How he sees himself, who he is. I'll add to it.


th3j35t3r is a good person, someone I consider to be a brother. I've had the pleasure of chatting to him for over a year now for brief periods as his security, and our schedules, permit. I know he's a good guy. What he does needs to be done, it's just a shame that he has to hide behind a veil to protect himself. His anonymity is only for his own safety, simply by doing what he does he proves his bravery. He is a hero, a patriot, a one man army. He's someone I'd like to say is my friend (I consider him one, I don't know if he considers me a friend, a brother, but I tend to think so). For all of you people that put him down, call him a coward, attack what he does... that's your right. Men (and women) like him fought for that right for you, they put their lives on the line. They sacrifice, sometimes their very lives, to protect that right for you. Remember that. When you see someone in uniform, be they military, law-enforcement, fire fighter or even a medic thank them for what they do, tell them you appreciate them, what they do and what they stand for.


I am only a fraction of the man th3j35ter is. Keep doing what you are doing my brother some of us appreciate what you do. Operor vestri officium adveho quis may.