Howell Contractors of Kentucky

First, this was placed in my mailbox, without postage, not in an envelope. THAT IS A CRIME. U.S. Postmaster General, please file charges.

This is unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. "Starting Monday June 18th, we will close 12th street from Winton Ave. to Allison Ave. Please have all vehicles out of drives and off the road by 8am on Monday. There will be no access to 12th from either Winton or from Allison." ok, then where the hell are we supposed to park. How the %^!# are we supposed to get to our houses? We are NOT parking our vehicles a quarter mile from the house!!! Is Howell Contractors Inc going to be manning litters to carry me back and forth to my house? They are telling me in a letter they put on my door today I can not access my street or driveway for the coming WEEKS.


Howell Contractors, Inc.

"The Road to Success is Always Under Construtction"

Paul Bricking, Vice President.

980 Helen Ruth Drive, Fort Wright, Kentucky 41017

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