I have decided to blog more.

So I have decided to blog moreand to do this I'm going to employee speech to text software. I really think it will help me post more because I won't actually have to type itI can just speak naturally and have a normal conversation with myself if that in fact is normal. So expect to see more from me in the days to come, well and I guess weeks and months and years.

So that being said I'll actually have to find some stuff to talk about. For now I have to say is that I'm probably not going to make Pennsic. Which kind of sucks as this always seems to happen. This year it happens to be because truck repairs as it stands I don't think my truck is up to the drive there and back. The money I'd be using to go is what I need to repair the truck. So as always maybe next year.

If you read this post take a minute to, and let me know I know people view the pages and I know I have subscribers that come but I don't really have any clue who regularly reads my blog. That being said expect to hear from me soon.

Oh, th3j35t3r stay frosty if you read this I'm not sure that you do.