Indiana: Critical Castle Doctrine and Fourth Amendment Protection Legislation Before Governor Mitch Daniels

Contact Governor Daniels TODAY, Respectfully Urging Him to Sign Senate Bill 1 into Law before its March 20 Deadline

After receiving approval from both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly, Senate Bill 1 reached Governor Mitch Daniels’ desk on March 14. Governor Daniels has seven days by law, to either sign or veto the legislation, which makes his deadline for action on this crucial self-defense reform legislation this Tuesday, March 20. Your support for this legislation is absolutely necessary.  Contact the Governor’s office TODAY and urge him to sign SB 1 into law.  It is vital that he hear from every freedom-loving Hoosier who supports this common-sense legislation, which simply restores the Fourth Amendment rights of Indiana Citizens.
Enactment of SB 1 is necessary after Hoosiers’ civil liberties were undermined by last year’s state Supreme Court decision, Barnes v. State of Indiana.  SB 1 reverses this activist court decision and restores self-defense laws to what they were prior to the Barnes decision.  SB 1 passed the House by a bipartisan 67 to 26 vote and the Senate by a 38 to 12 vote. 
Unfortunately, opponents of this legislation are intentionally spreading false information about SB 1 in an attempt to kill this critical legislation.  In addition, they are trying to flood the Governor’s office with e-mails and phone calls in order to convince him to veto the bill.  The Governor needs to hear your support for SB 1 today.
Again, please contact Governor Daniels immediately and respectfully urge him to sign SB 1 into law.   You can e-mail the governor by clicking here or call his office at 317-232-4567.