Birls, photography, gender norms and ramblings

So as most of you likely recall... I'm almost exclusively attracted to birls (not goys, birls). Back in January I stumpled upon well the individual that maintains it (who is hands down one of the most attractive birls with photos on the tumblr) is a photographer. I was poing around her tumblr, and then the link to her page she has on it... I like her portfolio... as you can clearly see she's infinitely better than I (haha, well yeah my photog skills just flat out suck... as I've never read any books on the subject, taken any classes... etc... just fool around with my EOS Rebel)... she's probably in the top 5 of phtographers I've come upon this past year or so... anyway go check her stuff out... she's a Canuck from what I gather so I doubt any of you will need her services... but you might like her portfolio and share her and maybe someone will stumble upon them via you or I and give her some work!